lundi 20 août 2007

Cute Guys in Central Park

Mylittlechicks, post especially made for ladies !
One of the things which much surprised me in NYC (wonderful surprise actually) was the incredible density of... cute (very cute, handsome, good looking, sexy) guys !
Between 25 and 40. Irresistible. But I did resist. Indeed.
French guys are not ugly, no, but, you know, despite their reputation, I was fed up to see them every day. They were not cute anymore for me.
Well, the truth is that I haven’t seen any French guy very close for a very long time because, as you know, monamericain, my big last love, was obviously... american !
But. All these New Yorkers were so ‘wriggling’... Looking at them every day, I was...sparkling ! My friend V too. And she can’t be accused to be a really sparkling girl.
Please note that we didn’t use our french accent to try to charm them. We were perfectly loyal with the New York girls.
I should anyway admit that New York girls aren’t less ‘wriggling’ with their short shorts and their mini mini skirts... So I’m not sure that we could have won the game. But we didn’t try, I promise.
I was wondering how this city could be so full of so cute guys though the probability that a lot of cute guys live in such crowded city was big. I know that I’m usually indulgent with American men as well. But, that IS the TRUTH : NYC is crowded of cuuuuuute guys !
Why ?
Sport, mylittlechicks.
They do sport. They (she-they) do sport.
Mylittlechicks, let’s do sport !
You know, there are sport clubs every corner of every block, in every basement or terrace of every building.
And there is... THE PARK... Central Park.
I swear that my friend V and I didn’t go to the Park on Saturday to see cute guys. I swear. Believe me. We just wanted to live our ‘New York Way of Life’ so we decided to eat seated on the grass (my white trousers passed away but war is war mylittlechicks) and to walk to find the bicyles rental area. Then, we rent a bicycle without any brake (american bicycles ???), 9$ per hour and we rode alongside, the whole loop, below a sunny sky, with a light breeze and... Riders, skaters, runners, rollermen... Naked chest.
This was one of the more pleasant moments of a pleasant moments full vacations...
Because we were allowed to watch. To look at. To contemplate. To enjoy.
Help me, I feel sick !
We aren’t selfish V and I and we wanted that our French friends also enjoy whats we were discovering in this big and interesting country. (and we were also afraid that nobody wants to believe us when we’re back in France).
So, we, it was an idea of mine, but WE, took photos.
Please note that the cutest were already gone when I had this wonderful idea. But I had these ones :
(Enjoy ladies !) :

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