lundi 9 juillet 2007

Cheers !

This morning, by 9 and half, quarter to ten, I was drinking a diet coke with a colleague of mine. We were at the café around the corner, a weird place where alcoholic men come to drink white wine at 7 am and play all their money at ‘rapido’ games. Most of all, please note the fag smell which makes you feel sick at the first second...
I was kindly drinking my coke when the young waitress, just in front of me, began to use the beer machine.
Beer ?? At 9 and half, quarter to ten in the morning ??
She had troubles with her beer machine. She splashed herself a little a first time. A second time. And a third time. But this wasn’t enough for her so she went on with her beer machine. She insisted and tried a fourth time...
And she sprinckled with beer on me !!
At 9 and half, quarter to ten in the morning !
From my hair to my trousers.
Just in front of the laughing alcoholic men !
Thank God, she didn’t sprinckle with beer on my new repetto shoes : I would certainly have killed her !
She apolologized. But coke wasn't free... I said ‘well, don’t worry : itdoesn’tmatter’. My eyes said the opposite.
Can you imagine me (I never drink alcohol), stinking beer at 9 and half, quarter to ten ??!!
And you know, beer really stinks !
So I came back home to change my clothes and wash my hair.
Tonight I came back after work and imagine that mylittlechicks : my apartment stank beer from floor to ceiling because I have left my clothes on the bed.
Berk !
Well, everything in the washing machine !
Berk !
Sprinckling on me with beer, what an idea !
So, to celebrate, I did art and I changed the ugly blog banner I made yesterday.
What do you think, mylittlechicks ?

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