mercredi 25 juillet 2007

Waiting for NYC

Just more few days, mylittlechicks, and I’ll fly to New York City.
Just 2 or 3 days of exhausting work et good morning Big Apple !
Everything is changed, actually : I don’t leave alone but with my friend Vivi who dreamt to visit New York and decided to come one week with me, in my loft ! A couple of friends of us will joins us too because they travel in Canada during august. And my friend C. who goes to Canada for a wedding will join me as well for few days !!!
I think that 11 days won’t be enough. Because I also have to go to my office there. And I’ll probably meet some French/American friends who live there.
Well. Anyway, it’ll be great.
I’m eager meeting Mary Jo, the owner of the apartment I’ve rent. She’ll welcome us when we arrive in East Village. It’d be nice if we could become friends and if she could show us the “real” new yorker way of life. I want to live like New Yorkers do although “vacations” aren’t really a new yorker concept !!
I’m going to try to blog every day to tell you my trip, thanks to The little stroll. But I’m not sure that the american wifi will work with French computer... And I’m not a computer’s specialist !!
Well, mylittlechicks, I’m very excited and I’m very eager to leave. All “beach, sex and sun” vacations couldn’t make me happier that this trip to NYC !
I leave you mylittlechicks and I’m goint to write an e.mail to Mary jo, the owner of “my” loft !!!
See you, sweethearts !

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