dimanche 8 juillet 2007

Travelling means adventure, mylittlechicks, so I just come back from Barcelona.
(One of the typical Barcelona’s Gaudi Buildings)

I was there for work in fact. I stayed a few longer but I couldn’t really enjoy my trip as much as I wanted because I actually had many work problems and I almost spent the whole time on phone to solve them.
Well, nevertheless, I took time to breathe the Barcelona’s air.
Energy is what I’ll keep from this city.
Energy is what you can feel in this city. And lightness, and enjoying and beauty and youth. People from Barcelone all seem young and good looking and tanned ! Everywhere that sounds fiesta, crowded restaurants after midnight, beach, riding on the boardwalks, lovers...
I wish I could have stayed a bit longer but Barcelona isn’t a city you want to visit alone. I’m fed up with visiting cities alone, by the way.
Well, you know mylittlechicks, I actually left energy in Barcelona because I just met monaméricain (I won’t tell you all my life but ‘monaméricain’ is a new yorker who lives 2 streets from mine, in the most beautiful city in the world, I mean Levallois, 5 minutes from Paris – France. Monaméricain is the man I used to love. He doesn’t love me. That’s all !). He was with his daughter and a young lady, EXTREMELY young lady ! It broke me.
And I also saw that Allan Wills (www.areyoumywife.com) has finally found the woman of his life thanks to his blog.
No link between both stories but it shows that people are living and are going ahead. And I’m not. So, yes, it broke me.
I dont usually talk about my work on my blogs so you can’t know that I don’t stagnate in every part of my life. I’m going ahead with my job. I like what I do, I like people I work with and I have a lot of prospects and I’m lucky to be free and to get the opportunity to express myself.
I enjoy my job very much and I think that people I work for appreciate what I do.
And I enjoy my English courses a lot. I travel, I meet new people, I write : my life isn’t completely empty !
But, the truth is that, regarding my private life, I still stagnate. I don’t evolve, I don’t learn. I’m still so hurt and agressive and lost and maladjusted. I always feel I’m not as nice and pretty and interesting as others.
Well, mylittlechicks, itdoesn’tmatter !
Have a nice Sunday.

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