vendredi 13 juillet 2007

A spanking and go to bed !

Some young guys deserve to be spanked !
I’ve never thought I could get the chance to hear what I heard today.
Well, it’s done : today, Friday, July, the 13th, I’m in the dark side of the force.
The young gay man I hired told me this afternoon :
“No, really, I wish I could be like you when I’m the same age you’re today because you’re still “young minded”. Usually people in the same age are “has been”.
Damned stupid kid !
I’m 34 !
I really ask each person I told she (or he) wore well despite of her (or his) age” to forgive me.

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Jojo Lapin Le Roi des Malins a dit…

Don't cry, because the real problem it's when the guy (not a kid) says:"It's funny. You look like my mother (or father or... grand mother!)..."